When searching for the right fit for python development, you want to hire only the best, the ones that are great at what they do and what you require. These requirements are possible to fulfill by experienced python developers. Hiring is not an easy process and the hiring manager has to make sure they are onboarding the one that can get the job done efficiently,

It is hard to find the perfect fit going through many applications with candidates with similar experience. The problem is in distinguishing and shortlisting to a few who can be interviewed. But, worry not because we have listed a few tips and tricks you can use to find the right python programmer. So, let’s get into the hiring strategies and tips.

Tips & Tricks for Successful Hiring

Clearly define your needs

Posting vague or general job requirements will definitely cause millions of applications to come in. Then scrutinizing becomes a problem. In order to avoid such problems, defining job requirements and your needs clearly will cut down the applicants in half or even less.

Needs and requirements include:

  • Type of programmer you need (full stack, web or desktop etc.)
  • What traits you are looking for
  • What is the budget range for this role?
  • How many years of experience you require?
  • Technology and tools requirements you have
  • Other skills do you need (soft skills, leadership, self-learner etc.)

This not only allows you to shortlist easily but applicants also know whether or not this job is for them and should you hire python developers or keep looking.

Technical interviews & Coding tests

Coding tests and technical interviews are excellent methods of evaluating the abilities and skill level. Begin with a technical interview and if the candidate passes that move forward to the coding test. For the interview technical and job related questions will help you understand if that candidate is worthy. For the test, short and straightforward tasks and questions can help evaluate. The goal is to bring out the best in candidates and evaluate their skills based on how they solve the test.

If all is cleared and done, the candidates left can be further shortlisted using advanced python coding and debugging tests. You can even give them a problem to solve in live code. Obviously not in the production site or project.

Skill examination

Skill assessment after the tests and interview is the thing that will help you find the right candidate. If you do not know how to assess the tests and interviews, then even after hard work you might not find a python developer, the one you are looking for. The hiring manager should have a meeting with the development team to set standards and parameters.

Following are few things to keep in mind when accessing the progress and process of python developers:

  • The methods that the developer used to handle the project.
  • The time taken by the developer for task completion.
  • How cleverly she manages and performs tasks.
  • How is the input derived and how better was the output?
  • The creative and problem solving abilities along with suggestions and feedback (for live projects especially)
  • Whether the frameworks and tools used are perfect for the project or not

Outsourcing is better and fast

Outsourcing companies are different from HR companies and freelance developers. They have pre-vetted databases of experienced and skilled developers. The experience ranges from beginners to experienced, team leads and even managers. Outsourcing companies can help you hire fast and efficiently and find the perfect candidate for the role and requirements you have.

Here are some benefits of outsourcing:

Outsourcing benefits

Several benefits of hiring from outsourcing companies bring some benefits. Here they are:

  • Cost reduction: An additional benefit is, paying less because python developers you hire are mostly from other countries like Asian countries. Meaning, get the job done efficiently while paying less and getting required results.
  • Time saved: From posting a job to scrutinizing applicants, from interviewing to tests and onboarding; the process takes a lot of time and effort. With outsourcing you connect with the best candidates and hire the ones that fit your requirements.
  • Flexibility: Managing and working with python developers from outsourcing companies is easy. You can even stop paying when the project is done and hire again when needed.
  • Experience: Outsourcing companies have years of experience and knowledge about the software industry. They solve problems and bring innovation. They can quickly address and solve any issues you may face to find python developers.

Go beyond programming expertise

Obviously, ensuring python programming abilities is essential and comes first. But finding the perfect programmer is about much more. Problem solving ability is one of the most essential ones. This includes reading others’ code, understanding it, and finding & solving the problem it has.

In addition, data structures and algorithmic understanding is important as well. Solving the problem with an optimal answer requires a deep understanding of algorithms and data structures. Last but not the least, being a good communicator is a key skill for every developer. When working with remote companies’ communication and soft skills matter a lot. From communicating with clients to other team members, and from understanding a problem to solving it efficiently; all of it requires soft skills.

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