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Can you Cut the LED Light Strip?

How can I cut the LED light strips? LED light strips are really handy because you can change their shape to fit wherever you need light. Whether you want to brighten up shelves under your cabinets or put a glow behind your TV, LED light strips can be trimmed to match what you want and where you want to adjust them. In this article, you will get all the details of cutting LED light strips.

Where can you cut the LED lights?

LED light strips have cutting zones marked with scissors or lines or tiny copper pads on the back. So, to cut it safely, turn off the power, use sharp scissors, and cut between the pads or along the lines. 

If cutting near an LED strip, get closer to the next pad of the LED light strip to get a more usable light strip because it disturbs the circuits of lights. 

A step-by-step guide to cutting the LED light

Suppose you want to adjust your lights in the corners of cabinets, tables, and walls. Then, you should cut these lights adequately and follow these steps.

Step#1 Before the start

First, you should make sure the LED lights are unplugged and powered off.

Step#2 Preparation 

  1. Measure and mark: Decide on the desired length or which you need for your LED strip lights. Then, use a measuring tape or ruler to mark the cutting point on the strip.
  2. Find the designated cutting areas: LED strip lights mostly have designated cutting areas marked with scissors icons or dotted lines. These areas usually land between copper soldering points on the strip. Cutting anywhere else on the LED strip might damage the circuit and make the light unable to be used.

step# Cutting 

  1. Sharp tools: Use a sharp pair of scissors or a sharp knife/box cutter for a clean cut on the strip.
  2. Cut straight: then, hold the LED strip steady and carefully cut along the designated cutting line or between the copper soldering pads on the strip. Avoid diagonal cuts, as they can damage the circuit.

Additional tips! 

  • Some LED strip lights require additional steps like soldering connections after cutting. Check the manufacturer’s instructions that are put on the strip box for your specific lights if needed.
  • If you reuse the leftover LED strip, then you might need connectors or soldering equipment to reattach it to another strip.

Can you cut LED lights and still work

If you cut LED lights, will it still work? LED strip lights are designed to be cut at specific locations on the strip to fit your needs. These cutting points are usually marked with scissors icons or dotted lines. 

They are placed strategically in between copper soldering pads on the strip. It is essential because cutting anywhere else can disrupt the electrical circuit and damage the lights, making them unusable. 

So, to ensure your lights function correctly, cut only at the designated markings. Also, make a clean cut that does not damage the strips.

How do you join the LED light strip?

There are two main ways to join LED light strips! The easiest option uses handy little connectors. These come in various shapes but clip onto the cut end of your strip light.  

You must match the red wire on the connector to the red wire on the strip and black to black. And then, snap the connector shut, and voila. Now your strips are connected!

Another method is soldering. It creates a more strong connection but requires a soldering iron and some practice.  

Scrape a bit of wire on each strip to reveal the bare metal. Then, you should heat the soldering iron and touch it to the meeting point. Melting a small amount of solder to form the connection. But be careful not to overheat or touch the hot iron!

Final words!

Cutting LED light strips allows for customization and adjustment in corners of any place. However, following designated cutting areas is essential to avoid damaging of the LED circuit. Then, Joining strips can be done with connectors or soldering, ensuring proper wire matching for functionality, with some care and attention to detail. After that, you can easily customize your LED lights to enhance your home’s ambience.


Can you cut the LED light strip, and it still works?

If you cut the LED at the proper designated cutting, then it works well. Cutting anywhere else might break the lights. So remember, cut only at the marked lines for happy lights!

Are LED lights safe to cut?

Yes, LED lights cut OK, but only at scissor marks! Cut there, lights happy. Cut wrong place, lights sad.

How do you reconnect LED lights after cutting them?

Two ways! Easy way: clip-on connectors (match red to red, black to black). A more complex way is soldering (need tools and melt metal to connect).

Why do LED light strips not work after cutting?

Are the lights not working after cutting? Oops! You might have cut in the wrong zone. LED strips have special “cut here” spots marked with scissors. Cutting elsewhere messes them up. Next time, snip only at the scissor marks for happy lights!

LED lights would be damaged after cutting?

Only sometimes! You can cut LED lights, but only in certain spots. Look for pictures of little scissors on the light strip itself. Those are the safe zones for cutting without hurting the lights

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