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Elk Bledom is a platform where you can share your Articles, Blogs, Thoughts, Knowledge & ideas with the world. We want to provide high-quality content to readers. You can also submit Unique Content, In-depth Content, and High-Quality Content. We will publish your content on our website along with a do-follow link to your website, but according to our guidelines.

Note – Email mianmudasir2021@gmail.com or Skype us to publish your content; it must follow guidelines.

You can also send your content to mianmudasir2021@gmail.com

Guest Post Guidelines:

Here are the guidelines for submitting your content. Kindly follow the guidelines; otherwise, we will reject your content.

  • Relevant Keyword
  • Relevant Title & Description
  • Only 1 Link is Allowed
  • Relevant Image with Image Source (Compress Image)
  • Unique Content, In-depth Content, High-Quality Content & Ever Green Content (WE DO NOT POST DUPLICATE CONTENT)
  • Content should Have a Natural, Conversational Tone.
  • Proper Heading & Sub-Heading Tag (H1+H2+H3)
  • Relevant Anchor Text
  • No Spelling Errors, No Grammer Mistakes
  • Content should have 800+ Words
  • Formatting Should be Good (We Receive Lots of Articles, So We can’t Make Formatting for you)
  • Content Should have a Category Related to elk bledom
  • After Publishing Content, Please Share it with your Family/Friends and share it on your Social Media Pages/ Profile

After following the guidelines, please send us an email at mianmudasir2021@gmail.com. Our editor will review your content. They will decide the quality of your content. With the feedback, the editor will determine whether your content should be published and get back to you. Then, we will post your content at elkbledom.com. After posting your content, we will send you a published link via Email. Then, you can share it anywhere.

What Is The Difference Between Blogging And Guest Posting?

Blogging requires you to post on your blog. However, when guest posting, you will be writing content that will be published or featured on someone else’s blog.

To know more about the methodology of paid-for articles sign up, you must contact us.

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